How to Play Super 7's

About Tuesday Oz Lotto

To play using this method, you have 8 systems, each having a certain number of numbers that are played in all possible combinations. System 8 for example, features 8 numbers played in all 7 combinations. You can see how for a small fee this would increase your chances of winning significantly. The number of numbers played increases for each system, so system 9 plays every combination of 9 numbers, and system 10 plays any combination of 10 numbers. This goes on up to system 15 where, you guessed it, 15 numbers are played in all 7 combinations, giving you the same chance to win as if you played 6435 games!

You set the rules on how many chances you’re willing to purchase in order to win it big. You can play the lotto casually for next to nothing, and still have a chance to win just as the person who plays a hundred times. Only, that person gets that many more chances. Tues lottery tickets are so inexpensive that it’s hard to believe that the prizes we offer are so huge. Will 7 be your lucky number today? You’ll never know unless you give it a try. Tuesday Oz Lotto is played every Tuesday night at 8:30pm AET, and with entries closing Tuesday at 4pm AET.

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